Large Fawcett Amazon Jungle Expedition Maps

Features shown include: Mato Gross region, Dead Horse Camp, 1925 expected Expedition route, Lost City of Z the 1925 expeditions main objective, Kalapalos Indian camp, and lots more.

Maps reproduced from the book Exploration Fawcett
Last words from the legendary British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett
Author David Grann meets with Rolette de Montet-Guerin, a grandchild of the explorer Percy Fawcett
Amazon explorers uncover signs of a real El Dorado
Are there any Lost Tribes still to be found in the Amazon jungle?
Colonel Percy Fawcett is Alive 1932 Newspaper Article
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Coming 2010 - The new novel that continues Fawcett's quest to find his Lost City of Z

An exciting archaeological mystery thriller with flashbacks to Colonel Fawcett's 1925 Expedition.

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