Explorations of The Highlands of Brazil.

With a Full Account of the Gold & Diamond Mines

by Richard Burton

First Edition of Explorations of the Highlands of Brazil

Rare Original two volume First Edition

BURTON, RICHARD F., Capt. Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil; with a full account of the gold and diamond mines, also canoeing down 1500 miles of the great river São Francisco, from Sabará to the sea. London: Tinsley Bros., 1869.   $5,000

First edition, first issue binding; 2 volumes, 8vo, pp. [2], xii, 443; [2], viii, 478, [2] ads; extra wood-engraved vignette title-pp., wood-engraved frontispieces, folding map; small breaks at the tops of the spines, else a fine, bright copy in original pictorial green cloth stamped in gilt in upper covers and spines. Penzer, p. 78-9.

Explorations of the Highlands of Brazil 2008 reprint

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Narrative Press 2008 Edition

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  • Paperback: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Narrative Press (July 30, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1589762614
  • ISBN-13: 978-1589762619

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This Elibron Classics book is a two volume facsimile reprint of a 1869 edition by Tinsley Brothers, London.

  Explorations of the Highlands of Brazil 2

  • Paperback: 461 pages
  • Publisher: Adamant Media Corporation (1 Oct 2002)
  • ISBN-10: 1402188145
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402188145
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In 1866 Richard Burton became British Consul in Santos, Brazil, and began scouting for the British Empire, with an eye for what would be useful and what would not. As always, Burton is colorful, opinionated, insightful, detailed (noting and recording innumerable ethnographic details), and highly entertaining. Two classic volumes in one book that cover the exploration of the fabulously rich mining region of Minas Gerais and canoeing down the entire 3,000 kilometer length of the previously uncharted Sao Francisco River to the Atlantic.

Richard F Burton

Richard F Burton

Captain Richard F Burton

Richard Burton and Colonel Percy Fawcett were both influenced by reading Manuscript 512 to head off into the Amazon jungle.

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Explorations of the Highlands of Brazil: With a Full Account of the Gold & Diamond Mines

by Richard Burton

Explorations of The Highlands of Brazil.

by Richard Francis Burton.

First edition of 1869 in two volumes.
Tinsley Brothers: London.

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BEFORE the reader dives into the interior of Brazil with my husband as a medium, let me address two words to him.

I have returned home, on six months' leave of absence, after three years in Brazil. One of the many commissions I am to execute for Captain Burton, is to see the following pages through the press.

It has been my privilege, during those three years, to have been his almost constant companion; and I consider that to travel, write, read, and study under such a master, is no small boon to any one desirous of seeing and learning.

Although he frequently informs me, in a certain Oriental way, that "the Moslem can permit no equality with women," yet he has chosen me, his pupil, for this distinction, in preference to a more competent stranger.

As long as there is anything difficult to do, a risk to be incurred, or any chance of improving the mind, and of educating oneself, I am a very faithful disciple; but I now begin to feel, that while he and his readers arc old friends, I am humbly standing unknown in the shadow of his glory. It is therefore time for me respectfully but firmly to assert, that, although I proudly accept of the trust confided to me, and pledge myself not to avail myself of my discretionary powers to alter one word of the original text, I protest vehemently against his religious and moral sentiments, which belie a good and chivalrous life. I point the finger of indignation particularly at what misrepresents our Holy Roman Catholic Church, and at what upholds that unnatural and repulsive law, Polygamy, which the Author is careful not to practice himself, but from a high moral pedestal he preaches to the ignorant as a means of population in young countries.

I am compelled to differ with him on many other subjects; but, be it understood, not in the common spirit of domestic jar, but with a mutual agreement to differ and enjoy our differences, whence points of interest never flag.

Having now justified myself, and given a friendly warning to a fair or gentle reader, — the rest must take care of themselves, — I leave him or her to steer through these anthropological sand-banks and hidden rocks as best he or she may.


November, 1868.

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