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Italian Says He Knows Of Where Briton Is Held Captive

(Associated Press Cable. 1932)

Buenos Aires, March 18. – Captain Luic Longobardi. Italian explorer, who spent  eight years in the Matto Grosso section of brazil, said today he was convinced Colonel P. H. Fawcett, British explorer who has been missing for seven years in the Brazilian jungles is alive.
Captain Longobardi said he thought Colonel Fawcett was the prisoner of the Bororos Indians, 200 miles east of the Madeira River in a swampy valley at about the place where Stephen Rattin, a Swiss trapper, told the British Consul at Sao Paulo he had talked with the lost explorer on October 18 last.
Some features of Rattin's story, as related in dispatches from Brazil, the Italian said, caused him to doubt that the trapper actually saw Colonel Fawcett, but he believed that instead Rattin heard Indian stories prevalent since 1928. Captain Longobardi said he believed the Indian tales were accurate.
Captain Longobardi said he was a captive of the Bokari Indians for a year above San Pedro, on the Maderia River, before he escaped in December 1929. He saw the Indians transporting a sheet iron box with the initials "P.H.F", he said, and heard frequently that Colonel Fawcett had been taken prisoner while ill. He tried vainly to communicate with Colonel Fawcett during his own imprisonment, the Italian said. He added he was confident he knew where the explorer was a prisoner. He entered the jungle to rescue Fawcett, and just like the Colonel, was never seen again!


Colonel Fawcett disappeared seven years ago into the Brazilian jungles to hunt traces of lost civilization. Rattin, a trapper of long jungle experience, reported to Arthur Abbott, British Consul-general at Sao Paulo, recently that he has seen Fawcett on October 18.

The trapper believed Fawcett was being held hostage by Indian tribes between the Tapning and Madeira Rivers, which are approximately 300 miles apart. He said the colonel asked him to communicate with Sir Ralph Spencer Paget, British Ambassador to Brazil.

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Fawcett is Alive, Explorer Thinks.

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